The most beautiful thing about repairing musical instruments is the truthfulness of it.

If I repair your instrument and it plays the way it’s supposed to …then I’ve done my job well. Anything else is a lie.

Even before I started repairing musical instruments, I loved repairing things. I found at an early age a great deal of satisfaction in using my hands and tools to repair something and make it better.

We live in a world of tools. Woodwind instruments are just some of the tools we use to make music.

My pledge to you is to do my best to make your instrument play and feel as good or better than it did when when it was new.

I ran across this quote many years ago, and it sums up how I feel about what I have chosen to do for a living.

What you receive depends on what you give. The workman gives the toil of his arm, his energy, his movement; for this, the craft gives him a notion of the resistance of the material and the manner of its reaction. The artisan gives the craft his love, and to him the craft responds by making him one with his work. But the craftsman gives the craft his passionate research into the laws of nature which govern it, and the craft teaches him wisdom.

— Schwaller DeLubicz