Useful Links

Nora Post Inc. Oboes and English horns – as well as Superior Repairs

Bill Roscoe Double reeds

Edmund Nielson Double reed products

Ann Hodge Double reed products

Fox oboes and bassoons

The Powell Flute Company

Sonare Flutes, a division of Powell Flutes

International Double Reed Society

Clarion Insurance for musical instruments and music equipment

NSSI Insurance for musical instruments, electronic equipment, etc. for students K through College

Northeastern Music Publications Inc., music for band and orchestra, plus solo and ensembles, for all levels

Princeton Music Connection, musical entertainment for weddings, parties, and corporate events   Philadelphia area flutist/piccoloist  Cool R&B and Smooth Jazz,  in the Lehigh valley,  Von Stupart on saxophone

Maxwell Swan 267.664.8o83 Alto sax