Di Zhao Piccolo repair.

1934 Conn Alto sax serial# 258744

This sax is completely restored. Hand polished unlacquered body, antique lacquered keys, new pads with resonators, new adjustment corks and felts, new springs, new rod screws, new pivot screws, new roller sand roller screws,  fully functioning tunable neck, and new case.

Paul Seleskar’s six-keyed flute restoration.

Linda Bolasky’s overhauled Adler, Sonora bassoon.

1942 Haynes flute restoration with Straubinger pads.

Arlan Fast, Principal Contrabassoon with the New York Philharmonic, was here recently for some major repairs to a Heckle low A contra.

Yamaha alto sax dent repair.

Otto Link Tenor sax mouthpiece cushion repair.

Loree oboe overhaul.

Rigoutat, Riec oboe tenon replacement.

This Selmer clarinet, made in 1949, belonging to Mike Seifried, turned out to be an amazing instrument.

This two- year- old Buffet clarinet should have never left the factory.

1952 Selmer super action alto sax, mechanical overhaul

Holton French horn repair

Rigoutat Riec oboe, Serial #409 RB

Ann Kolb with her Mark VI Selmer alto sax

Buffet bass clarinet broken key repair

Peg Dissinger and her completely restored Buffet clarinet

Selmer oboe bottom joint tenon repair

Catherine DeBoeser and her Brannen- Cooper flute, also an interesting Bettoney flute

West Windsor Plainsboro, NJ, High School North’s Rigoutat RIEC English horn #864 AM crack repair

Lois Herbine and her Powell flute

Natalie Sheffield and her completely restored Selmer Centered Tone clarinet

Mira Nakashima and her Powell flute

Maura McLaughlin and her Fox oboe

Bill Schutt’s Selmer Mark VI alto sax

Adeline Tomasone and her Brannen- Cooper flute


Rigoutat Oboe #326BC Crack Repair 

Randy Navarre Sax Repair